Reflexology Doterra Aromatouch

​You can experience harmony in all aspects of yourself. An ordinary moment can become extraordinary, where feeling "okay" becomes living life fully, even ecstatically. Body-oriented work can help

90 min – $150   120 min – $199

This popular therapeutic massage can be customized to help increase circulation, relax aching muscles and reduce fatigue. Swedish Massage noticeably reduces lower back pain, neck pain and recurring headaches.
60 min – $95   90 min – $135

Lipo- Massage

Firm pressure to specific points on the feet and hands that correspond to every gland and organ of the body make up this rejuvenating treatment. It helps aid relaxation, release of tension, and improve circulation while promoting natural detoxification of the body.
30 min – $65   60 min – $120


Massage, Bodywork and Energy Healing

 Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage targets specific muscle tissue to relieve tension, stress and chronic muscle problems. Highly recommended for those with chronic stiff necks, back tightness or shoulder pains.
60 min – $95   90 min – $135